Founded in 2000, Domestic Workers United [DWU] is an organization of Caribbean, Latina and African nannies, housekeepers, and elderly caregivers in New York, organizing for power, respect, fair labor standards and to help build a movement to end exploitation and oppression for all. DWU is a proud founding member of the National Domestic Workers Alliance. DWU and its partners brought their power to bear in 2010 when the nation's first Domestic Workers Bill of Rights was passed in New York.

January 20, 2009

Reflecting on Dr Martin Luther King Jr

Hey Folks
I would like to take this time to share in the reflection of this great time in history - today as we celebrate the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King JR we must remember and always embrace our freedoms as a people especially as a people of color - today we have a freedom that was only dreamed of in the day of MLK - this is the freedom that he dreamed of for us to be free at last - thank God Almighty we are free at last...

For the last 7 years I have been privileged enough to understand what it really means to fight for what I believe in and from this experience I am now able to understand why when we dont fight back and when we dont resist it means that everything is okay - so as a domestic worker in NYC working without basis labor protections I have to continue this fight - always with the memory of the many civil rights leaders who have set the pace for people like myself not to be afraid to stand up and fight the many injustices that still exsists

Domestic Workers United we have a dream that one day all work will be valued equally - because without the work of domestic and farm workers (the only 2 workers excluded from labor laws) this country cannot function - So today I ask for you help in standing up for the things you believe in - all we have to do is to lean on each other because we need each other to lean on in order to move forward

"I am not fearing any man - my eyes have seen the promise land" "I can no more see than for this country to get rid of the disease of racism"
Dr Martin Luther King JR

The struggle still continues....

President Barack Obama - your Presidency of the people is supported....

Allison - 2009 -
Peace & Love & Happiness